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About Us


About Us

Näas jewelry is designed and produced by Needa Medlich and Saskia Uzcategui, Mexican Gemologists who discovered the environmental and social damage of the traditional supply of materias while visiting the gold and gemstone mines in Brazil. 

Needa is an industrial designer with a passion for gemology and jewelry. Inspired by the interconnections between culture, nature, and the spirituality of being, she began creating pieces for herself and, today, for you. Saskia is a psychologist and gemologist who is also deeply passionate about jewelry. She combines the profundity of human thoughts with gemstones that transformed in each custom-made piece. 

Together they created Näas, an ethical luxury jewelry brand whose mission is to re- invent traditional jewelry codes into pieces that enhance human beauty while being respectful to our planet.

Avant-garde designed pieces made out of timeless cutting edge lab-grown diamonds and recycled gold give rise to Näas. The founders pursuit to take care of our planet´s fate and generate a deeper connection with our bodies is at the heart of every piece. Näas designs are impeccable created with the best technical know-how standards and highest quality earth-friendly materials to ergonomically fit the human body in order to become a second skin. 

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