A Guide to Ethical & Sustainable Fine Jewelry

A Guide to Ethical & Sustainable Fine Jewelry

There’s a lot of buzz these days around ethically-sourced and sustainable fine jewelry. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of misconceptions around the topic, which is why näas Jewelry is here to clear a few things up. Below, you’ll find all you need to know about why investing in sustainable fine jewelry can benefit both the environment and the people in native communities where gemstones are traditionally mined.

Some of the Leading Concerns of Traditional Gem & Gold Mining

There are a lot of concerns surrounding the traditional gold and gem mining industry that have caused jewelers to seek alternative methods. These include:

  • Social & Economic Concerns
  • Environmental Issues
  • Complex Supply Chains
  • Overconsumption

What Exactly is Ethical & Sustainable Jewelry?

In the simplest of terms, ethical and sustainable jewelry is jewelry that has been sourced using methods that are sustainable both for the environment and the communities they serve. Transparency is also another major component; if you can’t determine without a shadow of a doubt where a particular gemstone or jewelry material was mined, it likely wasn’t done in an ethical fashion. Sustainable jewelry is focused on providing safe environments for workers and fair wages.

Innovations in Ethical & Sustainable Jewelry

These days, with all of the negativity and uncertainty that comes along with traditional gem mining, there have been new technologies that allow jewelers to create gemstones like lab-grown diamonds with minimal environmental impact, that still bear the same high quality as traditionally-mined gemstones. Additionally, nowadays, many sustainable fine jewelry companies are fashioning settings, like bracelets, earrings, and rings, with recycled gold, further reducing the socio-economic impact traditional gem and gold mining has around the world.

Before Your Go...

Before you go, we wanted to leave you with a few tips for identifying an ethical and sustainable fine jewelry company. Often, these companies will focus on quality over quantity, utilize sustainable materials, have a positive impact, and maintain certifications and clear supply chain transparency.

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