Why is Sustainable Fine Jewelry Such a Good Investment?

Why is Sustainable Fine Jewelry Such a Good Investment?

It’s no secret that gold is a steady thing to invest in. But how does that factor into fine pieces of jewelry? Well, as one of today’s leading sustainable fine jewelry experts, the team from näas Jewelry wanted to go over a few of the different reasons why investing in jewelry can provide such a solid return.

Diamond & Gold Increases Overtime

Although it’s seen as a long-term investment, historically, diamond and gold have been some of the few precious stones and jewelry materials that have shown a significant increase in value over the years. Since many pieces of fine jewelry use the highest quality diamonds and gemstones, they appreciate with each passing year. Economic factors also play a role in their increase over time.

High Sentimental Value

We’ve all heard the term, “priceless.” Well nowhere is this truer than when it comes to fine pieces of jewelry. Many pieces of sustainable jewelry come with an emotional investment that can’t be calculated in dollars and cents. In fact, many families traditionally pass down such pieces from generation to generation; that diamond ring you bought could end up being the setting for your granddaughter’s wedding ring.

Gold Can Be Reused

When buying fine jewelry, many don’t consider the fact that gold and other materials like sterling silver can be melted down and reused. This means that you can have the same piece for a lifetime and adjust it occasionally as you see fit. It also means that should you choose to sell it or give it away; the value of the gold is retained regardless of what the setting looks like.

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