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14K recycled gold

Gold mining

Has long been known for creating environmental and socio-economic concerns abroad and in the communities where mines are located. Often, gold mines are located in developing countries with lax environmental and human rights regulations. In many cases, child labor is a common sight. It can also have a devastating impact on the environment and small-scale gold mining is actually one of the biggest sources of mercury pollution in the world, destroying human lives as well as ecosystems.

Naäs addresses these issues by relying on recycled gold.  We work with suppliers that offer certified gold created from recycled metal and sources that are audited. All the gold we use is yellow gold. Since we focus on sustainability, there is no other option other than using recycled 14k gold that can be traced to its source.

Our 14k gold Comes from recycled metal. From audited sources.

To make a piece, we first melt the gold.

The gold is then poured into a mold

With precision, it is heated and molded into shape

Polished to perfection by expert artisan hands

It's cleaned and polished to shine!

After many days of work, ready to be packaged and delivered to you!

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