Does Fine Jewelry Appreciate in Value?

When shopping for fine jewelry pieces, many are not only concerned about the initial price point when purchasing fine jewelry, but also how much the piece they purchase will appreciate in value. It’s no secret that most fine jewelry will appreciate in value; it’s just the nature of the business. But at näas Jewelry, we wanted to explain a bit more about what makes our sustainable fine jewelry appreciate in value, so we’ve collected some insight for you below.

Here you’ll find some of the major reasons that your sustainable fine jewelry will appreciate in value.


Inflation Helps Fine Jewelry Appreciate In Value

Although these days, especially in North America, the currency is relatively stable and inflation is barely noticeable, but it still exists. This means that over each year, your fine jewelry will become worth more due to inflation. Even if the rate of inflation seems infinitesimal, for a piece of fine jewelry that costs thousands of dollars, the rate of inflation will help bring that price up over decades and it will certainly become more noticeable as the years go by and currency fluctuates.


Gold is One of the World’s Most Valuable & Secure Metals

We’ve all likely heard that gold is a sound investment, and nowhere is this truer than with pieces of fine jewelry. It’s because it’s such a valuable natural resource and there’s a very limited amount of gold in the world, even today. The demand for gold doesn’t increase much, but over time, its value has steadily increased. Consider this, in the 70s, one ounce of gold was worth around $80; nowadays, that same ounce is worth more than $1,000. That’s an increase of approximately 170% in less than 50 years.


Fine Sustainable Jewelry is a Long-Term Investment

When investing in sustainable fine jewelry, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s not like playing the stock market. The price of gold or diamonds is not going to skyrocket overnight; it’s a long-term investment strategy. However, with enough time your fine jewelry can appreciate drastically and those heirloom pieces can also make great gifts to your children or grandchildren, creating a sound investment that can be passed down for generations.


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