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Gold & Lab-Grown Diamond Rings from näas

Whether you want to surprise your partner or invest in a piece of luxury you can wear when you’re out on the town, our sustainable set of rings offers a little something for everyone. näas designs rings that are meant to be both functional everyday pieces to wear, as well as conversation starters, doing away with the misconception that luxury jewelry is only meant for special occasions.

We offer everything from sleek bands with lab-grown diamond inlays to stamp rings and double rings, all designed with a careful eye to complement your own beauty. Those worried about purchasing diamonds or gold jewelry can rest assured that all of our products are eco-friendly as we use lab-grown diamonds and recycled 14k gold.

Our Ring Design Approach

We at näas create every one of our luxury pieces by drawing from nature, its landscapes, and shapes, incorporating those ideas into our designs, and considering how such things exist alongside the female form.

Our Sustainable Approach

By using recycled gold and lab-grown diamonds, we’re developing an approach to fine high-quality jewelry with drastically reduced environmental impact and fostering long-term sustainability. This approach prevents the displacement of wildlife, as well as addresses the ethical concerns that come with traditional diamond and gold mining.

The näas Vision

We’ve seen the damage caused by gemstone and goldmines firsthand, which is why we’re committed to changing that reality. With backgrounds in industrial design and psychology, our founders offer a different, more holistic approach to luxury jewelry creation that’s both refreshing and unique: fine sustainable jewelry.

Contact näas today for more information about our rings!

To learn more about our exclusive line of rings, contact us online today or call (619) 988-3993. We also carry a wide range of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more that are perfect to wear every day, or for any occasion you can imagine.

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