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About Us

About Us

About Us

Hi.  We are Needa Medlich and Saskia Uzcategui.  We are näas creators and founders.  We are gemologists by trade and now entrepreneurs as we have embarked on this project to launch näas in the U.S. and Mexico.

We met in 2015 attending the Gemology Institute in Mexico.  In 2017 we went on a trip to Brazil to better understand jewelry’s production process and we visited gold and precious stones’ mines.  During the trip we became very good friends.  As we got a closer look at these mines, how the process impacted the surrounding natural resources and the extremely harsh living conditions of those working, we engaged on animated conversations about what could be done to improve this industry that makes things that are so beautiful, but that are harming what belongs to all of us.

Over a glass of wine, we settled on the idea of developing a new concept for jewelry, one that was sustainable with the environment and with people’s well being. 

Sharing our Beliefs

As we approached the challenge of launching a sustainable fine jewelry brand, we established a couple of norms that guide our work and the jewels that have the näas name:

1.       Our design: needs to be ergonomic, needs to be grounded on the functional understanding of design itself.

2.       Our approach: needs to be innovative by joining technological advances in the jewelry industry and design that addresses environmental and ethical concerns associated to the traditional way of doing things in this fine jewelry industry.


Everything we know, comes from a liquid state, näas is an ode to the origin, to the flowing state, the purest state of things, from which everything transforms, the malleable, the precious, therefore the infinite.

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