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Gold & Diamond Bracelets from näas

Having the right luxury piece of jewelry for your wrist can truly bring out your beauty, which is why näas puts so much thought into all of the gold and diamond bracelets we design. Rather than creating pieces made only for special occasions, we design stackable jewelry meant to be seen. Wear it around the house and go about your day or to complement a fashionable look, it’s perfect for any occasion.

Our approach is to create pieces that can be worn as you go about your routine, rather than sit in a drawer gathering dust until that next special occasion. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a partner or something to treat yourself with, our line of gold and diamond bracelets come in many shapes and sizes.

From bangles to empowering diamond bracelets, all of our pieces help bring out the beauty in those who wear them.

Our Bracelet Design Approach

We’re surrounded by beautiful natural shapes and landscapes, and our design attempts to replicate this beauty. Based on this inspiration, we create ergonomic designs that correspond with the female body and offer a truly unique result.

Our Sustainable Approach & Vision

By using recycled 14k gold and lab-grown diamonds, we’re developing an approach to fine high-quality jewelry that can be sustainable for many years to come. We’ve seen how much of a negative effect traditional gemstone and gold mining has on the environment and its surrounding communities.

That’s why we’ve chosen a different route from tradition, offering luxury pieces that don’t sacrifice quality and style, solely the negative things that come with the traditional jewelry industry.

Contact näas today for more information about our bracelets!

To learn more about our one-of-a-kind bracelets, contact us online today or call (619) 988-3993 We have an extensive inventory of jewelry of every shape and size, so get in touch today!





Gold & Lab-Grown Diamond Earrings from näas

Searching for the right stylish, distinct luxury piece that fits perfectly in your everyday, no matter the occasion? Perhaps you want to give your partner something different for the holidays or as a gift for that special celebration. Either way, you’ll find something that will resonate with you from our earring collection. We have everything from flowing studs to ethereal suspender earrings that will catch the eye of any observer.

At näas, our jewelry is designed to be worn for any occasion, not just those special moments of your life. We do away with the misconception that luxury jewelry is only called for on special occasions by creating pieces that are elegant plus both ergonomic and functional. Those concerned about the impact gemstone and gold mining has on the environment and local communities can rest assured because all of our pieces are fashioned from recycled 14k gold and lab-grown diamonds.

Our Earring Design Approach

We at näas want to replicate that familiar beauty seen in nature, mimicking the form and shapes of natural landscapes and exploring how they correspond with the female body. By drawing from nature, we’ve managed to create luxury jewelry that’s truly one-of-a-kind and inspired.

Our Vision

The founders from näas have seen how damaging traditional gold and gemstone mining can be up close when visiting mines in South America. That’s why we’re committed to doing what we can to change those norms, creating luxury jewelry that’s of low environmental impact and that doesn’t place native communities at risk.

The näas Sustainable Approach

By using recycled 14k gold and lab-grown diamonds, we’re developing an approach to fine high-quality jewelry that can be sustainable for many years to come.

Contact näas today for more information about our earrings!

To learn more about our exclusive line of earrings, contact us online today or call (619) 988-3993. We also carry a wide range of bracelets, necklaces, rings, and more that are perfect for every occasion.





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Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab-Grown Diamonds from naäs

There has been a long-standing discussion in the jewelry industry when it comes to the environmental and socio-economic impact traditional diamond mining can have.  You might be wondering precisely what lab-grown diamonds are, how they’re made, and whether naäs’s diamonds hold up to scrutiny when compared with traditional gemstones.

How Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Made?

Lab-grown diamonds share the exact same chemical makeup as diamonds found in nature. They’re grown in a lab recreating the same conditions that create diamonds naturally.  Through the process of Chemical Vapor Deposition, our diamonds grow with the combination of carbon, heat, pressure and time. 

The only true difference between lab-grown and traditional diamonds is how they’re made, not the end result; they boast the same color, cut, clarity and carat weight as mined diamonds.

Lab-Grown Diamonds vs. Traditionally Mined Diamonds

There are key differences between lab-grown diamonds apart from the traditional alternative.

They help prevent social and environmental conflict and can even provide greater purity and quality. They’re also more affordable. One of the biggest downsides to traditional gem mining is often, their supply chains are extremely hard to trace, meaning you don’t always know where they came from.

Some of the leading ethical concerns when it comes to traditional diamond mining include poor working conditions and low wages for miners, and in some cases, even the use of child labor.

There are also some key environmental concerns of traditional mining, such as soil erosion due to displaced earth, as well as deforestation and the destruction of the ecosystems in which gems are mined.

Our Diamonds Are Graded & Certified

Just like traditional diamonds, the ones used in our jewelry are all graded, rated, and certified so you can be sure you will be getting the very best available, just without all of the negative repercussions that come with traditional gem mining.

Contact us today to learn more about our lab-grown diamonds!

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