We are committed to offer some of today’s most beautiful jewelry pieces, mindful of doing it in a safe and sustainable way. By crafting our handmade pieces with lab-grown diamonds and recycled gold, we address the fine jewelry industry’s environmental and ethical concerns.

It is our goal to create pieces that are sustainable while still being unique and ergonomic.

Our Vision

To change the misconception that fine jewelry should only be an accessory used on special occasions. Much of our jewelry is designed to be built upon, with stackable designs that look gorgeous combined with each other or all by themselves. The goal is to give you options to look fabulous: Shine and empower!

Our Design Approach

Design with a keen eye to enhance each woman’s beauty, not cover it up. We want every piece in our collection to manifest the pride, dedication, and ingenuity dedicated to our craft. Our inspiration comes from nature; the flow of water, the shapes that exist in nature’s landscapes, bringing it to life in each piece by paying attention to how such things coexist and inform the female shape.

Our Lab-Grown Diamonds & Eco-Friendly Materials

Traditional diamonds take a heavy toll on both the environment and communities in which the mining takes place. Displacing wildlife to accommodate for mines, the extensive use of natural resources and pollution has an extremely negative effect on the environment.

Also, it is no secret that labor conditions in most traditional diamond mines are unsafe and stringent. We avoid such effects by using lab-grown diamonds, all bearing the same glow, eye-catching quality and characteristics of traditional diamonds.

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